Linux Authentication Systems

I wrote this is a report on various authentication mechanisms for Linux. I tried to be thorough and cover all the different strategies for authentication that I am aware of.

I included:


ISPMan is a software package by Atif Aghaffar, for managing multiple domains, across multiple servers using LDAP as an authentication method. It can be used to manage multiple servers running Apache, Postfix, qmail, Cyrus-imap, Courier-imap, Proftpd, Pureftp and many other ldap aware applications.

When I first started looking at ISPMan, like many open source applications, there was almost no documentation. Since my programming skills are neglibible, I chose to contribute to the project by producing documentation.

This is the result.

High-Availability Mail Server

I did this presentation about configuring a High Availability Mail Server for the Kernel-Panic Linux User Group. The configuration uses the capabilities of Linux-HA and DRBD.

MailAdmin 1.5.1

This is the documentation I wrote for MailAdmin, a web inteface administration tool for managing accounts on Cyrus IMAP/POP3 servers. You can download MailAdmin from Source Forge.