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May 2009
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Lenny ldap problem solved

After some poking around I found the solution to my ldap problem. I started reading the log files, turned on debugging in the init.d file and determined ldap was not starting. I started reviewing and checking the slapd.conf file and noticed that I was missing the samba.schema file, previously named samba3.schema.

So I started looking for it on my system. Not to be found. Not where it belonged in /etc/ldap/schema not in /usr/share/docs/samba. I used find
to search my system, looking for the schema file. In Debian, even if you install packages that support the ldap authentication method for samba, you don’t get the samba.schema file necessary to make it work. You have to install samba-doc and then move or copy the samba.schema file to the right place to make it work.

I installed the samba-doc package and the schema file in /usr/share/doc/samba-doc/examples/LDAP I have to question what the Debian developers were thinking when they put the schema file in the samba-doc package. I didn’t install most of the optional doc packages, because my space is a little tight and I am trying to conserve it the best I can.

Once I found the samba.schema file and put it in the right place, I used ldapadd to install my ldif file and restarted slapd. After that, everything worked fine and samba is up and running as it was before I did the upgrade to Lenny.

Onward ……………….


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